Rule of thirds

Shallow Depth of Field


Photos that show good composition

Lightroom Mobile

Red and yellow

David Hockney Style Self Portrait Joiner

The Art of Toy Photography


Vintage “Tintype”

The way I would describe a Tintype is it’s an old way of developing photos. Over time they become folded a ripped and they can looked damaged which gives them an older look as well. I made my photo look similar to a tin type by making the photo’s saturation low so no color would show I also added a border to give it that old look.

Shadow series of 4



I think his work is unique and it’s different. I liked this one specifically because it kind of guides your eyes. The colors were different and the background almost looked water colored. This inspired me to make my own based on this picture.


Picnic in the park

 Sandy Skoglund’s work is so unique! For her to sculpt and actually make the subjects instead of getting them off the internet is so cool to me. I think the contrasting colors of the blue and the reds/oranges. I also like hoe there’s so many different kinds of subjects. Her work seems like it takes the longest time and she puts a lot of dedication in her work.

Emotion Photo Series


Make a Landscape Photo Look Like an Oil Painting

7 Magic Mountains

Public vs. Private self

Projections are hidden versions